How Endel will reshape our collective future
Our bodies and minds are not fit for the new world we live in
Information overload is destroying our psyche
Anxiety and depression rates are at an all-time high. Lack of sleep is destroying our health. Two-thirds of adults throughout developed nations fail to obtain the recommended 8 hours of sleep each night. Yet our wake/sleep cycles that are regulated by the natural circadian rhythm have not changed to meet the demands of our society.
Mindfulness practices help greatly to deal with those problems
But mindfulness alone is not the answer
In 1968, Marshall McLuhan wrote:
"We're forcing the new media to do the work of the old. We're witnessing a clash of cataclysmic proportions between two great technologies. We approach the new with the psychological conditioning and sensory responses to the old."
This has never been truer than today.
We need new technology to help our bodies and brains adapt to the new world
We're using ultra-modern devices — wireless, wearables, sensors — to deliver static mindfulness content that is no different from what people used 100 to 1,000 years ago. We need to stop applying old solutions to new problems.
Endel  is a tech-aided bodily function
It is designed to enhance our natural capabilities, create a private environment to reduce stress, and help us be more present and involved without even having to meditate
None of the essential bodily functions require manual activation: your breathing, heart rate, sleep, and multiple nervous systems’ responses happen and adjust to the situation without any conscious effort. In a similar way, Endel takes in various internal and external inputs and creates an optimal environment for your current context, state, and goal.
Human evolution through technology
Great technology is indistinguishable from magic. We are fusing science, art, and technology to bring back the magic in our lives. To be mindful is to be more present and aware. To be more present is to have more space to evolve and more attention to see the magic in everyday life.
We need the technology that makes our lives better without us having to do anything
We’re working on that
Welcome to the future
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